Sunday, October 16, 2022

Tips for Bonsai Show Planning from Jonas Dupuich and the Pacific Bonsai Expo - Bonsai Time Podcast Ep 09

        In the ninth episode of the Bonsai Time Podcast, Kevin and I were fortunate to be joined by Jonas Dupuich! Aside from being a well-known American bonsai artist, Jonas is also the owner of the Bonsai Tonight Blog, and author of the Little Book of Bonsai. Together with Eric Schrader of Bonsaify, Jonas is now busy creating a new regional bonsai show - the Pacific Bonsai Expo! Jonas shared with us behind-the-scenes details for the show including some unannounced features attendees can look forward to. We also covered advice and unique ideas Jonas had for local and regional bonsai shows to make their events as memorable as possible.

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Learn more about the Pacific Bonsai Expo

        The Pacific Bonsai Expo takes place November 12th from 9am-5pm and November 13th from 9am-4pm at The Bridge Yard in Oakland, California, USA.
  • Learn more about parking, the venue, and lodging at the PBE website here.
  • Buy your tickets from the PBE website here. Saturday is already sold out!
  • Sign up to volunteer for the PBE here. All volunteers get their attendance for the day free!
  • Read about the PBE vendor list here. Vendors from all over the US will be there, but mainly Californians and Oregonians.
  • Pre-order the commemorative softcover album of the show which will contain photos of all the displays here.
  • Read all of Jonas's blog posts related to the PBE here. He includes updates for those planning to attend, advice for those who may submit trees in the future, examples of how judging will work, and information on how your club can support the show!
  • Find episodes of the Bonsai Wire podcast related to the Pacific Bonsai Expo and other topics here.

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