Wednesday, September 7, 2022

On the Road with Mark Passerrello - Bonsai Time Podcast Ep 08

            In the eighth episode of the Bonsai Time Podcast, my co-host Kevin recorded an interview with CBS president and local potter Mark Passerrello while they were en route to a bonsai workshop. Kevin and Mark went over how Mark found himself in the world of bonsai, his approach to bonsai ceramics, and building confidence in a world full of imposter syndrome as he started his business Ancient Art Bonsai. Mark now regularly sells the pots he makes at local Columbus art events as well as accent plants and bonsai trees for beginner audiences (see pictures below). Kevin and Mark also discussed their experiences with bonsai clubs and how clubs could be made more welcoming to new members as well as Mark's gentle approach to catching the interest of the public during outreach events. Enjoy!

            Mark is one of several prominent bonsai artists who will be in attendance & vending at the upcoming Columbus Bonsai Society 50th Annual Show taking place in September. See here or for more information.

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Some pictures of Mark's work can be found below including trees he displayed at last year's CBS show and examples of the pots and accent plants he sells.

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Mark's wares he sold at last year's CBS show.

Mark's willow leaf ficus.

Two more ficus also by Mark.

Mark is especially capable with shohin and mame displays. The weathered wood in this display adds a very rustic quality! The trees pictured here are a local elm / Ulmus variety that has been cultivated by bonsai artists for years.

Some of Mark's / dwarf jades / Portulacaria afra.

Mark's Oak seedling on an exposed root stand.

Some of Mark's accent plants in his handmade pots.

A mame-sized pot from Mark next to one of his mud huts.

Some lanterns for use in penjing displays were also made by Mark.

More examples of Mark's handmade pots. He specializes in designs that are "wabi sabi" or beautiful because of their imperfections. This usually means he makes textured designs that have a rustic feel. Next year I'll certainly be putting more trees into his pots!

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