About Us


I. What is the Bonsai Time Podcast?

       Whether you want to hear bonsai stories from bonsai old-timers, advice from newer members of the community trying to master the art, or you're just along the ride for the bonsai fun and games, welcome to the Bonsai Time Podcast. Episodes are continually coming soon wherever you listen to podcasts and will be released on a monthly basis. You can learn more about your hosts, Ryan & Kevin, & our goals for this podcast by listening to episode 2 "Introducing Your Hosts! Goals for Bonsai and for the Podcast".

II. Where to find new episodes

Find our latest episode embedded below.

Video versions of episodes are also available on our NEW YouTube channel The podcast is also available through a variety of podcast apps which can be accessed through our Spotify Podcast host page or by searching for the "Bonsai Time Podcast" in your preferred podcast app.

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