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How Does Practicing Bonsai Impact our Wellbeing? Ep 34


I. Episode Summary & Links

            For this next 3-part series, Kevin and Ryan interviewed Josh Hooson of Bonsai-en Nursery in Australia. In this second episode, Kevin, Ryan, and Josh share from their experience how bonsai has positively impacted their lives and hypothesize on other ways we may not always think about in which this artform creates benefits for the practitioners and those around us. Also, check last week's minisode for information on Josh's experience as a bonsai business owner and an find another full episode in the Modern Bonsai Podcast feed on developing a bonsai mindset.

The video version of Episode 34 is available ⁠⁠⁠⁠here.

The podcast version of Episode 34 is available here.

The minisode (Ep33) with Josh can be found here.

Guest Info:

Josh Hooson is a bonsai artist, nursery owner, and educator based out of New South Wales, Australia. His nursery "Bonsai-en" provides supplies trees and tools across Australia as well as educational Youtube, podcast, and online course content for international audiences. Learn more about his offerings at the links below.

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II. Show Notes / Pictures

Bonsai is motivation.
Bonsai is meditation.
Bonsai is perseverance.
Bonsai is humility.
Bonsai is anti-ego. 
Bonsai is mindfulness.
Bonsai is calm.
Bonsai is patience.
Bonsai is joy.
Bonsai is creativity.
Bonsai is planning.
Bonsai is change.
Bonsai is acceptance.
Bonsai is challenge.
Bonsai is fresh air.
Bonsai is longevity.
Bonsai is fulfillment.
Bonsai is unplugged.
Bonsai is community.
Bonsai is sharing.
Bonsai is learning.
Bonsai is awareness.
Bonsai is gratitude.
Bonsai is empathy for nature.
Bonsai is cross-species collaboration.
Bonsai is Earth.
Bonsai is life.

The side effects of practicing bonsai may include any or all of the above. What is bonsai to you? Let us know!

III. Episode Credits

Podcast Info:

The Bonsai Time Podcast is hosted, edited, & produced by Kevin Faris, Ryan Huston, & Kelly Lui. Learn more about the podcast at the links below. We expect to post new interviews and reflections monthly!

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