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Southern Bliss: The Artistry and Love of Rodney & Charlie Clemons Ep28

 I. Episode Summary & Links

            In today's episode, Kevin interviewed Rodney and Charlie Clemons at their bonsai nursery in Georgia. Rodney is well known online as a specialist in Boxwoods, but less well known is the story of his wife Charlie who is an accomplished bonsai artist in her own right. Here they share their intertwined story.

The video version is available here:

The podcast version is available here.

Guest Info:

            Rodney and Charlie Clemons have a bonsai nursery called All Good Bonsai in Stone Mountain, GA. See their work and offerings on their website below.

Sponsor Info: 

            Tori Solis of Blue Nose Trading is a multi-talented artist specializing in bonsai pottery, other ceramics, and jewelry. Her beautiful work, tips for techniques, and her new Bonsai Pot-cast series can be found at the links below. ⁠             This episode is also sponsored by the Columbus Bonsai Society. Learn more about bonsai through a locally supporting community and connect with us at future events such as our upcoming 52nd annual show which will be 7/20-7/21/24. Learn more at the website below.

            This episode would not be possible without help from David Cutchin of D&L Nursery. Thanks, David for linking us up and facilitating this interview!

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See the relevant images and links from this episode below.

II. Show Notes / Pictures

A. Some Trees and Displays from All Good Bonsai / Rodney and Charlie Clemons

Boxwood. Source:

Boxwood. Source:

Boxwood. Source:


A winged elm created by Rodney and Charlie was recently accepted into the permanent collection of the Pacific Bonsai Museum. Congrats to all involved! Source:

Their display from a recent Winter Silhouette show. Source:

III. Episode Credits

Podcast Info:

The Bonsai Time Podcast is hosted, edited, & produced by Kevin Faris, Ryan Huston, & Kelly Lui. Learn more about the podcast at the links below. We expect to post new interviews and reflections monthly!

Submit questions or pictures for future Bonsai Brainstorm episodes to our email, social media DMs, or at the link below.

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Music by MIDICANCER. Find more music by them at the links below.

More Bonsai Projects by Ryan:

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