Tuesday, December 19, 2023

What to Do With Your Bonsai in Winter With Julian Tsai - Bonsai Time Podcast Ep 22

            In this episode of the Bonsai Time Podcast, we have part 1 of a winter solstice/Christmas special featuring Ryan, Kelly, Kevin, and Julian Tsai. In Part 1, we catch up with Julian regarding how he transitioned into being a full-time bonsai professional and we dive into the subject of what can we do as bonsai artists in winter and what might be risky to do in colder climates at this time of year. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week where we will discuss the history of certain trees in traditional celebrations of the winter solstice and Christmas.

The video version is available here:

The podcast version is available here:

Show Notes:

            No added pictures for this episode. Let us know if we missed anything and we will revise this section!

Guest Info:

            Julian Tsai is a full-time professional bonsai artist based in Southern California. He was previously featured in our 4th episode which was recorded near the end of his apprenticeship in Japan.
Julian's website is www.JustBonsai.com

Sponsor Info:

            This episode is sponsored by the Grow Clothing Co. Grow Clothing has tons of creative plant and bonsai-inspired designs for T-shirts, hoodies, bags, water bottles, and more. They are always adding new designs so check them out at the links below and don't forget to use the discount code "BONSAITIME" for 10% off when you order by February 1st.
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Podcast Info:

            The Bonsai Time Podcast is hosted, edited, & produced by Kevin Faris, Ryan Huston, and Kelly Lui. Learn more about the podcast at the links below. We expect to post new interviews and reflections monthly!
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